RuPaul’s drag race: favourite moments! 

So, for the past few months I’ve been absolutely hooked on RuPaul’s drag race, I can not get enough of it! I was watching it religiously whilst I was at uni and managed to finish a whole season in 3 days! I love it for so many reasons, the shade, the fashion, the drama, but most importantly the happiness and laughter it brings to so many people! Watching it I feel unique, I feel important and I feel wonderful! Hearing the drag queens stories about their lives and what they’ve endured makes me admire them even more! I thought it’d be fun to put a post together of my all time FAVOURITE moments, and give you non-watchers a taste of what you’re missing out on! So, in no particular order, here’s just a few of my most loved moments: 

Manila Vs. Delta lip sync

Manila did NOT hold back in this performance, she knew it was now or never to pull it out of the bag, and girl, did she pull it out of the bag or what!? Her facial expressions were giving us all LIFE! 

Raja Vs. Carmen lip sync

Okay… so what started off as a lip sync ended up turning into a soft porn video, but… WE LOVED IT! The sexiness brought to us by this pair was unreal and had all our hearts racing! You go girls! 

That Sharon and Phi Phi argument

I think I remember my jaw literally dropping to the floor when this golden argument erupted! Drag race is full of arguments but this has been named the most iconic one, and it’s no surprise why, what started off as an apology turned into the mother of all arguments, if you didn’t catch it you have to watch it now!!!!

Roxxxy Andrews double hairstyle

When faced with lip syncing for her life to Willow Smith’s “whip my hair”, it’s fair to say that Roxxy Andrews had a trick up her sleeve… or under her wig. That’s right, she pulled OFF the wig she was wearing to reveal ANOTHER WIG, then continued to “whip it real good”!  RuPauls reaction basically sums up all of our faces when she hit us with this! 


The moment that left us all in hysterics! Jade Jolie did not hold back on telling Alyssa about her lumps and bumps hanging out of her outfit, which then resulted in this priceless reaction from Alyssa, and a phrase no one in the drag race fandom will forget! 

Alyssa reading Coco

Now Alyssa and Coco were never the best of friends in this competition, they were constantly throwing shade at each other, but seems like Coco had had enough! After Alyssa told her she was joking about her being orange she snapped back with the classic line “I’m not joking bitch!” I will forever use this line now! 

Jinkx Vs. Detox lip sync

After being brushed off by her other competitors throughout the competition, Jinxx proved to all of them that she was there to win and delivered this incredible lip sync!

Shangela drags Mimi

Shangela just dragged Mimi to hell and back! Shangela was not impressed after Mimi suggested her sugar daddy buys everything for her, resulting in Shangela reading her to filth! You go Shangela! 

Mimi picking India up

Talking of Mimi causing a stir… WHAT ON EARTH WAS SHE DOING LIFTING INDIA UP!?!? Drag is not a contact sport! 

Rupaul gets annoyed 

It’s not very often that we see RuPaul get annoyed, but after the awful Shakesqueer task, he’d had enough! This task saw RuPaul put the contestants back into their places after each one tried to make excuses for their poor performance. 

Latrice’s quotes

Latrice for me has to be the most quotable contestant from drag race, his one liners just seem to stick! Throughout his time on drag race he filled us all with so much laughter, and always seemed to brighten the mood! 

Willam is sick on stage… then gets disqualified!

After squeezing into a tiny corset after eating a big lunch, it was no surprise that Willam ended up chucking her guts up on stage whilst RuPaul decided whether to save Sharon or Phi Phi, but to everyone’s surprise RuPaul called Willam forward and announced that she was disqualified for misconduct and not following the rules! Nobody could believe it! Watch this clip and you’ll see how tense it was! 

These are just a few of the many amazing moments from RuPauls drag race, but if you want to see more then I highly recommend giving it a watch, I never thought I’d get into it but I LOVE it! It’s taught me to be confident, accept everyone, try my hardest at everything I do, aim high and most importantly; to love myself, because after all….

Leave a comment and let me know what your favourite moments were, I’d love to hear them!




4 Replies to “RuPaul’s drag race: favourite moments! ”

  1. I love this post!! Drag race is one of my favourite things ever and just remebering all these moments has me smiling and laughing!! My new all time favourite moment was the finale lip sync in this season! A M A Z I N G


  2. The amount of times I said “yaaas!!!” Reading this is ridiculous but oh my god Raja and Carmen, Sharon and Phi-Phi and Manillas lip sync – SO LEGENDARY!!! Xx



  3. Omg yes! I love RuPauls drag race and have been obsessed with it for the past few months too!! (My husbands sister kept telling me to watch as I love drag queens, but I never really got round to it til this year and I love it!) love this post too, such a good idea! I might have to steal it and make my own list of fave drag race moments! (Of course I’ll credit you though!)

    -Katie x


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