‘PENNY’ playsuit review😍

I’m extremely fussy when it comes to choosing clothes online, what if it doesn’t fit? What if it’s not good quality? What if it doesn’t look anything like the photo?! But I took the risk and ordered a playsuit from Boutique of Molly, and let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed! I’d never ordered from here before but after looking through their website I had fallen in love with their clothes, I wanted them all! Unfortunately my bank account wouldn’t stretch to buying their entire stock, so instead I searched through their page for the perfect outfit. Within seconds the beautiful ‘PENNY’ playsuit had caught my eye, it’s gorgeous floral design had completely won me over!  

The stunning white off the shoulder playsuit was perfect for being dressed up or dressed down, pair it with some heels and you’re ready for a night out or pair it with some sandals and you’re ready to enjoy a lovely day in the sunshine! I just had to have it! Within a few minutes it had been ordered and my bank account hated me, but oh well, I needed it! 3 days later and it had arrived, I’ve never ran so quickly to get a delivery! Opening up the package I was pleased to see it was just as gorgeous as the picture shown, and the quality was amazing! To make things better the sizing was spot on, which meant non of the hassle of returning it! Straight away I was snapping pictures to everyone showing them of my gorgeous purchase! I cannot wait to wear this gorgeous playsuit on my next night out! There will be plenty of pictures to come of me in this outfit, check me out on twitter to keep up to date with what I post: 


I highly recommend checking out Boutique of Molly’s page they have some truly beautiful items! Head over to: 


Or follow them on twitter:


PENNY Playsuit= £30 

Use my DISCOUNT CODE ‘MEGANBETH20’ for 20% off any of your purchases from Boutique of Molly! 

Thankyou for reading my lovelies! Hope you find your perfect outfit at Boutique of Molly just like I did!



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