How to spot a fuckboy🙋🏼‍♂️

Fuckboys. Fuck boys. It literally says it in the name, so why do we still go after them!? We’ve all been there; fallen for their smooth lines and their witty charm, we’ve cried over them numerous times and called them every name under the sun to our friends (sometimes to them if you’re drunk and texting them… whoops). See the thing is, they pull you in and make you get attached for their own benefit and then they drop you as soon as it suits them. Yet we’ve all still tried defending them to everybody that questions their intentions, because truth is, we’ve all thought we could change them, we’ve all imagined ourselves being the girl that makes him change his ways, but the truth is it’ll never happen. To sum it up, fuckboys are boys who just do not respect women.
So I thought I’d do a little list on how to spot a fuckboy, here it goes:



They come on strong
Now at the beginning this is great, who doesn’t want a gorgeous charmer wanting to speak/see you all the time!? But, as time goes on you begin to realise that he’s like this with every girl he meets and as soon as you bring this up to him you get made to feel like you’re being a psycho; “what are you talking about?! I’d never do anything like that! You’re looking into it too much! I’m only interested in you”. Pfffft, yeah right!!

He won’t put a label on you both

You’ll always feel like you’re getting to the stage where you need to talk about what you are, but months go by and you’re nowhere near close to being his girlfriend. You’ll also never truly know if he’s talking to any other girls, so when you finally get the balls to talk about your relationship you’ll be hit with the response “I wasn’t really looking for anything serious at the moment” or “I don’t like to label things”… why not!? Labels are great, they let you know where you stand! You’ll then realise you’re wasting your time and just as you’re typing your goodbye response you’ll be hit with “but I do really like you and have feelings for you”…. GOD DAMN IT! And once again you’re being pulled back into his little game. Truth is, they don’t want to label anything with us as then they feel that they have no commitment to us, meaning they can still lead the life of a single guy because you know “we were never actually together…”.


He never takes you on a date
His idea of a date is chilling in sweatpants and watching a film at his, don’t get me wrong sometimes this is great, but if it’s happening all the time and he’s making no effort to be seen with you in public then chances are he’s playing games with you. Every girl deserves to be shown off and a guy who’s only got eyes for you will always want to take you out and show you off, fuckboys not so much, if he’s talking to numerous girls then he isn’t going to want to be bumping in to any of them with you, that’d just be very awkward for him.


He’ll avoid telling anyone about you

You’re with him when he gets a phone call, they ask what he’s doing and who he’s with, girl you better know that he won’t be telling them who you are, instead he’ll use the classic “I’m just with a friend”. Inside you want to scream “I AM NOT YOUR FRIEND I AM MORE THAN THAT YOU ARSE!” but instead you sit quietly pretending you haven’t even heard a word he’s said, because truth is, you don’t want to lose whatever it is you have with this guy.


He’ll go completely quiet on you for days
When he does eventually decide to pop back up he’ll give some lame excuse like “oh sorry I’ve been SOOOOO busy these past 4 days”, so you couldn’t find one minute in those 4 days to text me but you could find time to like hundreds of girls insta pics… Okay then.


He’ll make you feel completely psycho for wanting to see him
You’ve really fallen for this guy and all you want to do is be in his company, except that never happens because he doesn’t respond to your texts, which means you end up double texting. When you eventually get fed up and call him out for not texting you back he hits you with “you’re just so needy all the time”, well then, I guess that’s my cue to leave!


One day he’ll get bored and never speak to you again
No goodbye text, no explanation, nothing. Zilch. Nada. This is the BIGGEST sign of a fuckboy, someone that gives you no closure, purely because then he can swan in and out of your life when he chooses. 3 months can go past without speaking to him and as soon as he sees you’re moving on you get a “hey how’s it going, I didn’t know you were seeing someone” text… well yeah, I wasn’t going to wait around forever. He has no worries about replacing you with someone else, but as soon as you replace him he suddenly realises how much he wants you…


And there you have it, my list of tips to spotting a fuckboy! I recently asked my twitter followers to sum up a fuckboy in 140 characters and I LOVED some of the responses, so thought I’d share some with you:



Umm ok so a guy who just exclusively talks about sex, wants you for sex, sends rude pics and no respect? That’s my definition anyway.



Someone who pretends that he loves you, someone who’s sweet at the beginning,but ignores you after you fall for him & he gets what he wants



a guy who messes you around and picks you up and drops you when he feels like it 🤷🏼‍♀️ and has no genuine motive to be with you at all!


Someone who pretends to like you and be interested but plays with your feelings & then doesn’t care about you anymore after he’s got it all



Definitely a guy who hardly gives you the time of day when they know you like them, then call you a slut when you move on and dump them!



I hope you enjoyed this post and found it somewhat relatable! Drop me a comment and let me know your definition of a fuckboy, I’d love to hear some more definitions!







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