Why it’s okay to leave friends behind👋🏼

“Oh my god, we’re always going to be best friends, there’s no way we’ll stop seeing each other!” Ahhhh the famous words of every teenage girl ever. And you know what, when you’re younger you believe those words, I mean, you and your girls have been best mates all the way through school, why would that ever change? Well you see, a lot of the time you find that you’re only friends with certain people because you’ve been in a class together for 5+ years. I realised this when I went to uni, and it’s something a lot of people experience when they move away to university. A lot of school friendships don’t last when uni comes around, you meet new friends and find yourself wanting to be surrounded by different people. And that’s okay. It’s okay to choose your friends. I always thought that once you made a friend you had to stay friends with them forever, but trust me, you really don’t! It’s your life, if you don’t feel like you’re getting anything back from them you’re allowed to make the decision to leave. And let’s face it, people change and priorities change. 

You find friendship groups changing all the time, especially throughout secondary school and onwards. Looking back you wonder whether or not you made the right call by moving away from a certain friendship, or you wonder if there was anything else you could have done to try and revive it. But the truth is, it’s completely okay to leave a friendship behind, whether that be on purpose or it just naturally happening! Of course it’s going to be sad when this happens, nobody wants a friendship to end really. Daily text messages turn into the odd couple a week, then months and so on. Inviting each other to everything becomes scarce too. But what’s important to remember is that not every friendship is supposed to last. People come in and out of your life, sometimes they stay, sometimes they don’t. But each person that comes through is there to help you on your journey, and sometimes they’re there for you to learn from and grow in life. It’s also okay though to purposefully move yourself away from a friendship. If you find that you’re around a toxic person, or even just that you have nothing in common anymore, then you’re allowed to leave, even if it hurts like a bitch doing it, because doing what’s right for you is the most important thing. Don’t sacrifice your happiness just because you’re scared of hurting someone else’s feelings (take it from me!). What’s important is the friends that stick by you through thick and thin. The ones who you don’t need to text everyday to know that you’re still there for each other. These are the friends that will always have your back. Most of my friends I don’t talk to everyday, but I know for a fact, whatever problem I have, they’re going to be there for me. And that’s what you need in a friend.

Not all friendships remain! But you’ve always got the memories to look back on. Be grateful for all those that have been part of your life, even if only for a short amount of time because at the end of the day, they’ve made you who you are today. You’ve had good times and you’ve had bad times, but now you have to make new times. Be thankful for those that came into your life and stayed. 





2 Replies to “Why it’s okay to leave friends behind👋🏼”

  1. Loved this! I moved 6 hours away to uni & although I keep in touch with a couple friends from school I’ve definitely learnt that it’s ok to leave some behind! I’ve found everyone changes so much once school is finished x

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    1. I was the same! Moving away to uni meant I lost all my home friends, but I wouldn’t change my decision! Exactly, and it’s bound to happen, people leave school and realise there’s so much more out there for them!x


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