🌞Summer tag🌞

Saw this summer tag and just had to do it!! I’m the biggest summer person you’ll ever meet, so decided to get into the summer mood with these questions! 

Are you a summer person? What is your favorite thing about the summer?

Yes, yes and YES!!! I live for summer! My favourite thing about summer is being able to have BBQ’s. Nothing beats having a group of your friends round and enjoying drinks and food in the sun! 
Do you stay indoors or outdoors more in the summer?

Definitely outdoors! I love any opportunity to soak up the rays and get that golden sun kissed look! It’s also the perfect weather to go out for a run, I’m definitely more active when it’s warmer out!

My favourite lake to run around in the summer

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Oooo…. now this is a tough one! I would usually say chocolate, however I find in summer it’s just way too sickly! If I’m out on a hot day I’m way more likely to pick a fruity flavour, probably strawberry or raspberry flavour out of them all! Although I do love a good mango sorbet! 

What is your favorite summer clothing?

It used to be cute floaty dresses, however I hate the risk of them blowing up and showing off my pants to everyone! I’d say I’m more of a jumpsuit/playsuit kind of girl when it comes to summer! I have one jumpsuit that I wear religiously in summer, it’s such a light material so doesn’t cling to your body in the heat, and it flows nicely meaning a lovely cool breeze is there to keep you cool!

My go to summer jumpsuit

Beach or Swimming pool?

I’d have to say a pool, purely for the fact that if I get too hot I can jump in and cool right down, there’s no way you’d see me jumping into the sea, I’m TERRIFIED of it! 

What do you like most about the beach?

Even though I’m terrified of the sea it doesn’t mean I don’t admire the beauty of it! I love watching the waves roll in and the sound makes it even better! 

Enjoying a day at the beach when I was little

What is your least favorite thing about the beach?

As much as I love laying on the sand, I do not enjoy finding it in all my nooks and crannies for the next few days after visiting the beach! Even after a shower I’ll still find it everywhere!

What is your favorite summertime song?

Right, this is a major cringe so do not judge me, but the song that always gets me in a great mood is ‘Dangerous love’ by Fuse ODG ft. Sean Paul! There’s just something about it that makes me feel super excited for summer! I used to listen to it all the time in summer so I guess it just brings back good memories! 

Favorite summertime movie?

I don’t really know what I’d class as a summertime movie! I wouldn’t say that I have a film that I watch every summer! 

What is your favorite summertime restaurant?

I don’t have so much as a favourite restaurant, but I do love going to a nice little pub by a river and having a pub lunch there with a few drinks! 

Do you or eat out more often during the summer?

Yes definitely! I want any excuse to be able to get out of the house and enjoy the weather! 

Do you party a lot during the summer?

A hell of a lot more yes! It’s so much easier to have social gatherings in someone’s garden and have a few drinks! It’s also so much nicer going into town for a night out when the weather is good, it means not having to traipse around the clubs with an umbrella!

What is your best summertime memory?

Me and my friend Martha in year 11 had the best summer! We practically lived together for 6 weeks! We were always going out to parties or having cute picnics! That was one of my favourite summers!

What is your funniest summertime memory?

Wow, there’s so many to name just one! I used to work with a kids club in summer and I remember it being a boiling hot day, so we let the kids fill up water bombs and try and hit as many of us workers as possible! It was a real laugh, and those kids had some really good aims haha!

What annoys you most about the summer?

THE BUGS!!!!! They go into hiding for the rest of the seasons and as soon as summer hits they’re like an army! I freak out massively if any bug comes near me! If it flies and makes a buzzing noise I can guarantee I’ll be running a mile in the other direction!

Do you spend more money during the summer?

Yeah I’d say so! I constantly want to go out and do things so that’ll nearly always involve treating myself to an ice cream and a few ciders! 

Do you prefer to keep longer or shorter hair in the summer?

I normally go back to having shorter hair in summer as it keeps me cool, but I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for a while now and I’m not willing to get it all chopped off! I’ve worked too hard to get it to the length that its at now! 

Who do you usually spend most of your summer with?

My boyfriend! We live about an hour away from each other when I go back home for summer so we want to see each other as much as possible! We’ve got a lot of plans this summer so I’m super excited! I’ll probably also be spending a lot of time with my bestfriend Georgi this summer too! She lives in Manchester so we’re missing each other massively (especially cause she’s in Italy for a month at the moment!). 

We love any excuse to get out of the house!

Where would you go for your dream summer vacation?

Bali!!!! Me and Liam were going to look at going this summer but it was just going to be a bit too expensive! But it looks like such a beautiful place, so I think we’ll be saving up to be able to go there next summer, or possibly the summer after as we’re also saving up for our own house to move into next summer, which means plenty of BBQ’s and parties!!!
I hope you enjoyed reading this and finding out a bit about my love for summer! How do you feel about summer, do you love it or loathe it?! Leave a comment and let me know!



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