Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Review💋

Big lips are EVERYTHING at the moment! Everybody is after the perfect pout and without getting lip injections it can be quite a task. I for one love big lips and have tried constantly to find the perfect product to enhance them. When the lip suction cups were the big craze I had a go using that technique (however I was NOT splashing out the cash for a professional one so stuck to a small hairspray lid… judge all you want, i’m a student with a very low bank balance…) but if I’m honest I just found my lips to feel very sore and a bit too swollen. Instead I stuck with my all time favourite ‘NYX lip lingerie’ paired with ‘NYX slide on lip pencil’, giving me the perfect pout! However, today I saw Soap & Glory’s ‘sexy mother pucker’ lip gloss, and of course, I just had to try it out! 

I wasn’t expecting much from the gloss as I find that lip plumping glosses tend to be heavily criticised. The gloss is an irritant which stimulates the nerve endings in your lips, creating that plump effect. The sensation of the gloss was quite a weird one, it had a mild tingling sensation, it wasn’t painful as such but did make my lips feel rather uncomfortable for a few minutes! I was actually pleasantly surprised with the outcome, I could definitely feel and see a difference with my lips, they felt rounder and plumper within a couple of minutes! Now the only problem is that the effect wears off quite quickly, so if you want those kissable lips all day then girl, you’ll need to be applying it every 15 minutes! If you’re cool with that then id suggest trying it out for yourself! For me I’d possibly give it a miss, purely for the fact that i wasn’t a massive fan on the sensation of the lip gloss and I don’t want to be experiencing it every 15 minutes when I’m having to re-apply it! 

(Before using ‘Sexy mother pucker’)

(After using ‘Sexy mother pucker’)
I hope this’ll be helpful for those of you looking for the perfect product to have your own Kylie Jenner lips (okay… maybe not that big!). Let me know in the comments what you use to get the perfect pout! 




2 Replies to “Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Review💋”

  1. Omg that is so crazy impressive!i have one of these from a beauty con that I attended and I have yet to use it! Thank you for the warning about the the tingling feeling!

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  2. Honestly it’s pretty amazing! I’ve seen some people say that they don’t see any difference with their lips when using it, but I suppose it varies for everyone depending on how they react to the irritant in the gloss! Hahaha you’re welcome, it’s a pretty strange feeling but you’ll get used to it!


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