Couples questions

I’ve seen a few posts similar to this where girlfriends ask their partners a number of questions and thought it’d be quite fun to do! I recorded a conversation with me and Liam and decided to type it up into a blog post… enjoy! 

Where and when did we first meet?

L- we met on tinder and then I met you at your halls of residence. 

M- okay and when was that?

L- when!?

M- what was the date?

L- I couldn’t tell you when the date was…

M- what!?! It was the 18th of October!

L- oh well, the 18th of October then!
Where was our first date?

L- would you count our first meeting as a date?

M- What!?! No not that… where did we first go out together?

L- (awkward silence)


L- urmm… I can’t remember….

M- it was buddies!!
What was your first impression of me?

L- you were really fit! 

M- Haha, great, was expecting something like my personality
When did you meet my family?
L- I can’t remember when I first met them… when did I first meet them?

M- do you seriously not remember!?

L- when was it?!

M- you dropped me home for Christmas break! I can’t believe you don’t remember this!
Who said “I love you” first?

L- you did!

M- yeah only because you made me!

L- no you did!

M- you made me!

L- you said it!

M- I didn’t want to say it!

L- but you did!

M- but I didn’t want to.

L- but it doesn’t matter you did!
What is my favourite piece of clothing?
L- nothing, you prefer to be naked!

M- well… okay yeah I guess you can have that one.
Weird habit of each other?

M- right your weird habit is smelling anything everything! If your finger touches something you have to smell it!

L- okay yeah… but I’m a smeller! I like smelling things! Are you not curious as to what things smell like?
M- NO! 

L- yours would be… urmm… oh! Leaving half eaten food on the side!

M- I CANT HELP IT!!!! I save it to come back to and just forget about it! 
What do i like to do in my free time?

L- piss all!!! You don’t do anything!

M- yes I do!!

L- you don’t do anything with your spare time! You complain about not having any projects to work on!

M- urm I think you’ll find I draw! And now I’m starting to blog so there!
How long have we been together?

L- urm… 

M- (death staring him down right now)

L- a year and a half!

M- wow you actually got one right well done!
What was our first roadtrip?

L- driving you back to your uni halls.

M- oh yeah all of that 2 minute road trip!!

L- well it is a road trip… we drove in the car for the first time!

M- I’m just going to let you have that one I can’t be bothered!

First thing you noticed about me?

L- your asssssss!!😏

M- 😑🙄
What pisses you off about me?

L- how needy you are…

M- hey I am not needy!

L- 🤔

M- don’t look at me like that I’m not! 

L- you throw a strop whenever I can’t see you!

M- yeah… well… I’m just a stroppy person!
What am i not good at?

L-  oh god! impressions and accents!

M- okay I’ll let you have that one.
What am i good at?

L- singing.

M- why thankyou! 
Favourite feature about each other?

M- I’d say your smile!

L- hahahaha, I was going to say your boobs… but no it was your eyes.

M- that’s a much cuter answer than boobs!
What do we argue about the most?

L- me playing on FIFA!

M- you love FIFA more than me!
Do i have any weird obsessions?

L- Disney🙄

M- I just love it okay, I’m a big kid!
Nicknames for each other?


M- I don’t like you enough to give you a nickname.
What is my favourite restaurant?

L- McDonald’s 

M- come on, make me sound a little classier!

L- buddies!

M- nope.

L- Frankie and bennys?

M- no…

L- I have no idea then! 

M- chiquitos! 

L- really?

M- yes!

L- never knew that!

M- you apparently didn’t know a lot of things according to these questions!
Complete this sentence “you’re my…”

L- girlfriend!

M- are you kidding is that all you’ve got?!

L- fine… world!

M- that’s more like it! 

So there you have it… my boyfriend does not know a lot about me!😂 I highly suggest doing this with your significant other it’s such a laugh, and clearly you find out things about each other that you didn’t know before (even though you definitely should have known them before!). Hope you enjoyed getting a little insight into my relationship! 




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