Why I love Boohoo so much!

Since being a student I’ve realised how important it is to save every penny, and i mean every penny! It’s expensive trying to live on your own, making sure you juggle your money between your night out on the town and eating for the next week. So that’s why i don’t understand when girls can go to Topshop and spend £30 on a top!!! Now don’t get me wrong i LOVE Topshop’s clothes and i’d be in there every day if i could, but it just isn’t affordable for me anymore. I very rarely buy new clothes anymore, but if i do i make sure to keep it as cheap as possible. That’s where my love for Boohoo comes in. Boohoo has been my absolute lifesaver for nearly 4 years now, from bulk-buying a tonne of clothes for holiday to getting a gorgeous dress for a last minute night out, its affordable and better yet, good quality for the price! Honestly girls, if you’ve not for whatever reason shopped at Boohoo yet you MUST! You can find doppelgangers of clothes you fell in love with in high end stores for half the price! So many times I’ve had people ask me where my clothes are from and are completely shocked when i say Boohoo. You’ll find that the price of 1 top in a high end store will buy you 3/4 from Boohoo, and who doesn’t want more for their money?! I’ve found some of my favourite pieces of clothing from there so i thought i’d share a few of my best buys with you:

 Gorgeous khaki green bikini roughly £12

One of my favourite tops! Easy to dress up or dress down! Roughly £8
Managed to find this simple but beautiful dress for a black tie event a few years back! £20

Gorgeous low back dress roughly £20
Perfect for a summer wedding! Roughly £12

So these are just a few of my best buys from there, I’ve had plenty more that I’ve loved! If you want to make the most of your money when doing a clothes shop, I highly recommend searching boohoo for some bargains first, you’ll be surprised with what you find! 





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