Intro to my first ever blog…. eeekkkkk! 

Hi guys, my name is Meg, I’m a 20 year old actress in training from Nottingham but currently living in Northampton. So, I’ve just finished my 2nd year of actor training at university meaning I’ve had to come back home to Nottingham for the summer, and as much as I love my home city, my lord, I am BORED! I’ve been racking my brains out trying to find something productive to do with my time, but so far all I’ve managed to achieve is getting through all of OITNB season 5 in 3 days, now as much as I love binge watching series, I can’t exactly do it for the whole summer (oh how i wish I could!!!). Anyway, i eventually thought that creating a blog could be a good way to keep myself busy, but I’ve been putting it off as so many people recently have been making them and I wasn’t sure how to make mine stand out from the crowd. But you know what, it isn’t about standing out from the crowd, it’s about finding a way to express yourself! Now you see, I’m completely new to this, and I honestly do not remember the last time I wrote, it was possibly back in my A-Level years, and if I’m completely honest, I haven’t got the faintest idea what I’m doing!!! But… I’m planning on figuring that out as I go. See I’m wanting to use this more as a way to speak about past experiences, how I’ve dealt with things, in the hope that it could help others who have been in the same situations as me. Now don’t worry, it’s not going to all be doom and gloom, I want to keep my blog open to different ideas and pathways to follow (In other words I don’t have a clue what I’m doing so I’m just going to wing it…). If I’m being honest, this blog is just going to be a bit of everything, bits of my personal life, reviews, travelling, you name it and I’ll probably give it a shot! Anyway, I guess that’s really my long rambling introduction as to why I’m doing all of this! So if you’re interested in what more I have to say I’d love for you to check in and keep an eye on my posts! 


P.S. here’s a picture of me so you know who’s behind the screen! 


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